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Are you going to give your project or idea a real chance?

You had the idea and now is the time for hard work. Eixo Social - Meaninful Projects - can contribute with methods, processes and inspirations to make your future more successful.

We are a consulting company that seeks to work on projects that are innovative and that are necessary for people's lives, promoting economic and social development for partners and the community and, therefore, we work for companies, social organizations and individuals.

Eixo Social -Meaninful Projects is a consultancy focused on the development of projects that seek financial, social and environmental results, a concept known as the triple bottom line.

We believe that in the possibility of developing all ideas and projects, that the exchange of experiences and skills can transform the world. We believe that we can help you to materialize your idea, structure your project and develop your business.


Eixo Social is able and has great experience in conducting collaborative projects, where people have and exercise their speech to actively contribute to the development of projects.
Our methodologies are based on the best and most current project management practices, strategy development and creation of new products and businesses.

There is no point in achieving success without taking care of people and, therefore, we can also contribute to conflict management.

Please, leave us a message and
we'll get back to you very soon.

Thank you.

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